Automatio Weekly Progress Update #21

Stefan Smiljkovic
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Good day good people! How was your previous week? Here is last week progress update on my bootstrapped journey with Looking forward to hearing your feedback on my progress. - 💰 Acquired 2 customers, $99/m each. Goal 32/63 monthly customer - 🧔 Got virtual assistant, starting this week. - ❓ Did IndieHackers AMA - 📝 New blog post in draft - 🎯 SEO is a bit steady last week - 📈 2,279 visits last week


Hi Stefan - congrats on the progress as always. I had a go today and have a bit of feedback - where is the best place for it?
Stefan Smiljkovic
@maxwellcdavis Hey Max, thanks mate! Feel free to do it vie and I will personally response, since I am the only person in support department :D
Ahmetovic Armin
Sve najbolje 🔥❤️