Automatio Weekly Progress Update #13

Stefan Smiljkovic
4 replies
Good day good people. Here is last week progress update on - 💰 Acquired 1 paid user for $99/m package - 💰 Sold 1 yearly package worth $2,000/year - 🤑 Had a talk with a potential investor - 👨‍🏫 Had 1 session with Automatio students - 🎥 Started working on a video explainer with motion designer guy - 📝 Finished new blog post


Hey there - two small things from my perspective :) 1) the FAQ link on the footer doesn't seem to go anywhere for me :) 2) Would be nice to have a pricing page with features listed - Just cos I usually try the free versions to see what I do/don't need and the pricing page gives me a good idea as to whether I can afford it.