Asking for a meow friend 🐈‍⬛

Clément Jacquelin
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I am looking for the perfect aluminum ball for my cat. 1,5cm diameter seems to be the optimal design - in terms of play time and fun. Less than 1cm seems dangerous. More than 2,5cm look uninteresting. Research continue. 🕵🏻‍♂️ -- Joke aside: we just launched our first icon kit on product hunt yesterday, thanks everybody for the support & feedback! ❤️


Tetiana Bukhanova
I am wondering why aluminium? I've tried so many balls for the last 9 years for my cats and the only 2 kinds they prefer are the furry one and rubber with spikes. Both are around 2-2,5cm and comfortable to hold and move around in their mouth.
@tetiana_bukhanova1 did you try aluminium ? It make them crazy, maybe it's the sound, maybe the light reflection. I don't know, but they love them so much. 🤗
Tetiana Bukhanova
@jacquelinclem nope, I didn't :/ I have wooden floor and all metal things I tried were too noisy, so the cats were simply afraid of it. Do you have any recommendations of the balls you tried? Maybe I just got the wrong balls
Alina Ihnatiuk
Interesting warm-up to the main topic of the publication))
Dori Saison
You can buy two balls of different diameters and see which ball your kitty likes better. I don't think these balls are expensive. If the cat doesn't play with the second one, you can give it to a friend who also has a cat. I try to diversify my pets' games. I often buy them different toys: balls, wind-up mice, and stuffed animals. I rely on the preferences of my cats. Sometimes I make toys for them from improvised materials. They like them much better than the ones I buy at the pet store. By the way, have you ever seen your cat's belly button? When we were playing with Betty, that's my cat's name, I noticed a strange pimple on her tummy. I read on that cats have a belly button. It makes sense, but I never really thought about it seriously.