Ask Your Questions for Justin Kan & Omar Jalalzada!

Gabe Perez
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We're hosting Justin & Omar today on Twitter Spaces at 4pm PST! We'll be talking about their latest launch Kin Habits and healthy habits for successful founders. Drop your questions in the discussion and we'll ask them during our live session! We'll try to share the answers and insights on here as well :) RSVP & tune in to the event 👇


I'll start! I can't wait to hear from Justin & Omar what learnings and struggles they had as founders and makers that inspired them to create Kin Habits. Super curious, is there one common bad habit that every founder/maker makes? If so, what is it and what can they do to improve on it?
Sharfunnisa Quadri
@gabe__perez i want to know the answer to this as well.
@gabe__perez looking forward to the Twitter Spaces conversation. I've got a couple of questions for Justin and Omar :) Working at a startup can be extremely difficult. It is literally living on the edge, and can take a lot of physical and mental toll. In such situations, what should a startup founder do to not burn out and keep on grinding. I'll take this a bit further by asking, "How can a startup founder build a TEAM that doesn't burn out? Founders may be super pumped up about their dream but what should they do to transfer this energy to the other team members in the most healthy manner?
Sharfunnisa Quadri
@adityavsc I love your question. and I know while this is not addressed to me - I was curious do you practice any habits at all for self care? Think playing with friends, or kids, playing a sport, hike a mountain, go to beach - or even something daily like prayer/meditation etc?
Lanre Akinyemi
Congrats on the launch team! This is super exciting as I don't think it's a field that's explored enough. Right now, there is still a lot of stigma around folks feeling vulnerable enough to share the areas they need to improve with others. What is your approach to destigmatizing this feeling - especially in getting folks to try the app in the first place?
Sarah Wright
Really excited for this! I think I have several questions but I'll start with this one: Do you find that building healthy habits and breaking bad habits are related in the way you approach them? Or the way you that we internalize them as humans?
Aaron O'Leary
Congrats on the launch! My question is how do you approach building a community from scratch with a new product?
I want to ask Justin Kan how do he deal with self doubt/doubts while building product/startup? 2.Q How to know when to stop working on Product/project? Thanks Also tell him he is my favourite 😍 founder 😹. Please record the session Producthunt.
Jake Crump
Congrats on the launch! What has been the most impactful healthy habit that you've adopted?
Hugo Hattenville
Hi Omar and Justin ! My question is really simple : how do you do to bounce back when your business doesn't work as well as you would like to ? What's your first reflex ? Thanks :)
Fajar Siddiq
What do i do when i get stuck or someone i work with they back out?
Fajar Siddiq
@gabe__perez so far, this is first time recently when someone back out suddenly and before this is more of rejection but i can take it
Adrian Topka
Why the Ask Whale project failed?
Sharfunnisa Quadri
I am a weight loss coach. This looks like a great lightweight tool to use for my clients and to keep them accountable. Is this a good use case? Will the app keep them accountable and take the responsibility off of me ha. #lazycoach
@sharfunnisa_quadri I think the app could help keep your clients accountable! In this situation, you'd be the "friend" and you'd check-in with each other! Will be fun to ask how they visualize this use case :)
Sharfunnisa Quadri
@gabe__perez yes! that was my thought too. i have a client thats starting today. i am going to experiment some this it
Shelley Goel
Looking forward to this! With Accountability through Social Share being an external trigger, do you see a decay in people's motivation overtime? Are there any digital strategies to tap into people's internal triggers?
Your PH launch brief mentioned that you are sharing Kin as a 'gift', arn't you planning to monetize it? Will it continue to stay a gift? Whats your financial approach to this project Justin? BTW, this is a great gesture! Awesome 👏 Thank you :)
Hey, Congratulations for the launch! I'll give it a try for sure. I would like to know if there's anything to beat procrastination?
Ostap Yaroshevych
Hi, Congrats on the launch! My question - What is your audience? What acquisition channels do you use?