As a founder, do you find engaging with other founders helpful?

Sage Will
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Hey guys, as founders, do you find engaging with other founders and staying up-to-date with the trends helpful?


Dimitris Karavias
Engaging with other founders- super helpful. Checking trends- Helpful 10% of the time, counterproductive or even dangerous 90% of the time. It's easy to get caught in the stream of news and overreact to every micro-trend out there. I prefer to stay focused on my goal & my beliefs. It's the same reason I don't watch the news: If it's important, eventually I'll learn about it.
Sage Will
@dkaravias I find news and current affairs very very distracting , It can even spoil your day and there goes productivity
Rashmi Gupta
engaging with other founders- helpful, engaging with people in general- also helpful :)
Sage Will
@rashjbp engaging with founders is helpful in terms of what ?
Rashmi Gupta
@trappisone mostly to get some tips on tool, apps, hacks..everyday operations..sometimes to stay motivated by hearing their stories and sometimes to get benefited by their perspective
Utsav Shah
Yes, Support is good.