What where/ are some of your biggest fear about leaving your 9-5 to become a full time entrepreneur

Sage Will
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I think it's money. Money is what keep a lot of people in a 9/5. I don't mean getting a lot of money and becoming rich as fuck. Just make money, and live decently. Just live your everyday life without thinking about how you will pay your bills.
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@jacquelinclem +1 on this. I would happily take home less money to quit my 9-5 but only if I was confident the money I did take was consistent and enough to pay the bills.
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Fear of failure is huge, its the invisible wall that keeps you in the 9-to-5 world. Fear is your friend, its a source of intense focus, it powers your will to succeed, adapt, pivot, reinvent, think on the fly etc. Everyone is afraid of going broke too, losing the house, respect, etc. having to scratch. You have to give yourself financial runway to make the leap, you might need a part time job, a side hustle, etc. to slow the burn rate. You need to do as much before leaving the 9-to-5 as you possibly can with some decent savings. You can go from concept to MVP without quitting, you can get to a point where its starting to mess up your job and you can stilll cling to the job. You have to work every night, every weekend etc. to front-load but there is never going to be a steel bridge from your day job to your new gig, you are going to have to take a leap of some kind at some point or you will mess up the new gig you built by not going 100% after it because your trying to insure your bet by clinging to a job.
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@dean_ayer I like how you put it, Have you already went full in your start up or your still testing things while building savings
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@trappisone Which time? LOL... I took a leap the very first time I did this so my advice is the smart way to do it, not the way I did it the first time. I had money set aside, I had the product ready to launch and then my day job went broke so my options were to get a new job or go for it. I got to the very last tiny bit of the interview process for a killer job and at the last second I told them no. I then went a year working my SaaS where I made a grand total of $6,000 - with a condo to keep paying on (no wife or kids). the next year I made enough to live on and then it went up from there better than any job would have paid me. I did do it the way I suggest with the added wrinkle of my company tanking and forcing my hand. I have ZERO regrets about turning down the job and going my own way.