Are you willing to pay to simplify task communication with remote developers?

Anh Quân
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Hi, I'm a maker, just looking for new business ideas My idea is, usually Product Manager will communicate and send requirement in form of (voice, chat, wall-of-text, etc) to Developers The problem is that in remote-working environment, these will happen - misunderstanding, implement wrongly - developers find it hard to understand what you really want - don't know the scope of tasks I'll be the middle-man, who will 1. Study the project (you'll need to give me access to Task Management Platform + Source Code Access + dev site) 2. Build basic documentation for projects 3. Read your Task Description, then simplify the requirement, by rewriting your requirement into better format (with prototype, visual images, tags, questions, scope, etc) 4. Enforce better reports from developers to you Which will help 1. Reduce misunderstanding 2. Simplify coding process 3. Organize and track the requirement for future reference 4. Save you time, by giving you better task completion reports than "task is completed, please check" Will you interested in using this kind of services / tools? How much you're willing to pay for?
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