How do you manage and keep track of your team effectively?

Anh Quân
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Hi, As first-time founder, usually I found that it's pretty hard to manage / keep track / support your team efficiently due to 1. Heavily-multitasking: lots of stuff to do, emails to check, various tasks 2. Chat to too many people, too many topics at the same time, easy get lost 3. Disruption from your team while focusing on working (i.e. you have to stop your flow to give some kind of help when they ask) 4. Lots of channels: Slack, Email, Skype, Jira, Saleforces, etc to check everything 5. Lots of approval requests: before deployment, before publishing new blog, code review before commiting, etc 6. Lots of issues occur: and each take lots of time to study people works from the scratch to solve, it's piling up daily Easily get lost with team of 7-8 members, sometimes can't help and let people handle themselves, then people will feel disengaged and get thing done wrongly. So usually I don't have free time to do your stuff like thinking about product improvement, etc.. since just supporting team consuming all my time So, how you guys handle this effectively?


It sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I'm wondering, given some of the words you used in your question, if the team is deferring too often to you for decisions. What would happen to your team/company if you are sick and will not be able to work for 2-3 days?
David Tran
You should trust your team member and delegate tasks to them.
Tommy Wilkins
We optimize our workflows by using different helpers like task management apps, time tracking apps, project management tools etc. E.g. TMetric time tracker. This tool is great for teams and single-workers too. Take a look.