Are you burning out?

Jeffrey Fermin
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Yerbo just dropped the largest scientific-based assessment of burnout ever at


Jeffrey Fermin
@christi22453182 out of curiosity are you a tech employee? Or digital-first employee?
Marcos Spontón
Really good question for a community of makers like Product Hunt.
Christina Potts
I was a tech founder know I am a executive assistant to a beauty tech company
Jeffrey Fermin
@christi22453182 nice. I'm a former founder (co-founder) and can definitely say, as a contributor/specialist -- life is a bit easier.
Zakari Young
I woke up one morning and realized that I didn't want to work as a financier anymore. I don't want to get up when the alarm clock rings, I don't want to do my favorite morning exercise, make coffee and enjoy my awakening. My body failed, my body didn't listen to me, it was emotionless and tired, and it didn't matter what time I went to bed. I only lived for the weekend. When I realized this, I was horrified that for about 250 days a year I had absolutely disgusting feelings: irritability, homesickness, and only one wish: I wish these work days would go by quickly.  To begin with, I had an honest conversation with myself, where I formulated the main issues for me. It took me about six months to decide on the answers, and frankly - I have more than once thought that all this for nothing. But those thoughts were fleeting - they faded away when the "invigorating" Monday morning came. So that's what came out of it. And so I got a position at the company I had wanted for a long time. My position was a dream position. Of course it was hard for me to get used to the idea that I wouldn't spend all day in an office counting numbers, I would be talking to people, talking about my best 9003 headlight bulb - my position meant project development. It's an incredible feeling when you strive for your goal, but you also get a bonus from fate in the form of something new and unexplored.
Clara Brandt
Excessive use of substances, including alcohol, drugs and prescription drugs. Physical and mental overwhelm and fatigue. Moodiness and irritability. Nearly 60% of millennials and Gen Z, 54% of Gen X and 31% of Baby Boomers are burned out. For anyone trying to hold a team together, it will come as no surprise that burnout is the number one reason people look for a new job.
Jeffrey Fermin
@clarabrandt not sure why there's a link to shoes ?
Samir Moussa
Burned out a few times during the early stages of a startup. Now it's about having better processes in place.