Any book recommendations about branding/how to build a brand?

Natalie Karakina
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I read the book How Brands Grow, and I want to explore this topic further :)


Adrian Topka
I think the "Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen" by Donald Miller is really great!
Its all about emotions and deliver them properly
Nick Hutton
So many! - How Brands Grow; - Purple Cow; - Ogilvy on Advertising; - Reality in Advertising; - Scientific Advertising. I know those last ones are advertising focused. But I think the great advertising thinkers are always thinking of building a brand, and those books achieve that.
Komal Narwani
Check out Contagious by Jonas Berger too, and The Branding Gap. As a branding consultant - I have a couple of canvases that might help, DM me incase you're interested in the link :)