Are you a Maker or a Hunter?

Inna Proshkina
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Just a curious observation - most discussions are started and commented on by Makers only. Hunters, if you are reading this, please leave your comment even if it’s just HEY I'm a Hunter!


Fabian Maume
You can be both Maker and Hunter. I'm the maker for 1 product and I hunted 5 other products.
Pritam Nanda
The word Hunter has lost a bit of relevance of late. There are a lot of examples where makers succeeded by hunting themselves. We are making and hunting Findz in a few weeks. It's a collaborative bookmarking tool to collect links, files and more with friends and family. Here's the link the our Ship page:
Inna Proshkina
@pritam_nanda92 that was my point - Hunters are hunting themselves, which makes them Makers. Are there real users looking to try out new products?
Misha Krunic
I'm a maker, primarily. Currently, I'm working on BotMeNot and constantly looking for ways to get feedback on it.
Inna Proshkina
@price2spy Are you launching any time soon?
Misha Krunic
@inna_proshkina Thanks for asking, we've launched the beta version of BotMeNot, but still working on adding a couple of additional features before fully launching.
Paul Korver
I'm a maker building ItList
Brian Nutt
I'm a maker and an aspiring hunter!
Currently a Maker - but hopefully becoming a Hunter over time!
allen gu
I am a maker from China,if you want to know what I make 👉🏻
Elena Cirera
I am a maker and hunting my product. I am going to launch my product, Vidmonials, on the 6th of March.
I think I will still call myself a maker. Soon we will hunt our SaaS product - A content curation and social media publishing tool. I think going through the hunter route is still works on PH. Because I think the hunter's reach will definitely get you to the featured page and then your marketing efforts will take you to the product of the day. :)
Inna Proshkina
@imtiyaz922 Maybe hunters just explore new products on the homepage, they don't seem to read discussions.
David Filipovic
I am a maker, while simultaneously hunting my own product: In the Product Hunt instructions, they advise Hunting your own product: Of course, I guess this depends based on the specifics of your product, but it looks like the "top hunters" lost some of their previous glory :) So, you are as good as going by yourself. At least, I hope so.
Ruben Lozano
Hello @inna_proshkina I think I am more like a Hunter and I am working to be a Maker. I am trying to come up with different ideas to help startups with their marketing. If you want me to help you with your product and you want me to hunt your product, happy to do it. :) Cheers,
Catherine Lethbridge
Hi Inna I just launched our product this week and created my first ProductHunt profile. I guess this makes me a Maker for now 😁.
Mayank Bishwas
Have hunted a few. Have been part of one Maker's team (TollGuru Toll Intelligence Platform). No doubt it was more exciting (obviously).
Christian C
maker of few products, launching next Wordsfromimage
Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}
I also feel like I'm a little of both 😊 I've been part of some projects as a maker, but I'm also a hunter and have discovered a lot of cool projects here on PH. Don't necessarily feel like I'm a very "influential" hunter, but I'm definitely hunting haha