Are there any new AI tools developed for mental health?

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I am asking for a real game changer, not any chatbots that performs therapy!!


John Alshaye Abelilla
Looking and thinking about this thing also. I hope there's an AI tools that can assest or help the person about their mental health.This would be a game changer if we have one already.
Jessica Liu
@john_alshaye I completely agree. Many people are unable to afford the high costs of psychological counseling or therapy, or they may not want to go out to see a psychologist. This leads to their psychological issues not receiving timely attention and even worsening, which is something we don't want to see. If there could be an AI that allows everyone to receive professional and affordable psychological counseling from the comfort of their own homes, it would improve the mental health of the general public.
Xavier JJ
Interesting thought, an emotional support AI!
Monique Mo
Recent advancements in AI have led to the development of innovative tools aimed at improving mental health. One such tool is an AI-powered chatbot designed to provide cognitive-behavioral therapy and emotional support. Additionally, AI algorithms are being used to detect early signs of mental health issues through social media analysis. These tools, while not a substitute for professional help, offer accessible support options. Interestingly, some treatments even integrate physical health components, like the use of dysport 2 vials in managing stress-related muscle tension, highlighting the holistic approach AI can support.