Which is the one product, you feel "it's a game changer" recently?

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I'm very interested to hear from you ..


AI chatbots are in high demand as businesses seek smart customer support solutions, enabling seamless and intelligent interactions even in their absence.
Lindsay Davis
@neha_8 absolutely! I'm sure that chatbots are the future of customer support➡️
Xavier JJ
@neha_8 Interesting! Soon we will no longer be able to distinguish if we are talking to bots or human on customer support
Lindsay Davis
My answer is simple – those food delivery apps have been a total game changer for me lately, haha...
Alfie Dundas
Superhuman for email Cron for calendar SigmaOS for browsing Notion for notes + pm Framer for websites
André J
Launching soon!
Daily user of dark reader + perplexity + GitHub Copilot chat
Daily user of dark reader + perplexity
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Charles Stone
My all-time favorite mobile game has to be "Among Us." The thrill of navigating through deceit and deduction in a virtual space with friends is unmatched. However, recently, I stumbled upon a hidden gem that has become a close contender – "Alba: A Wildlife Adventure." Its charming graphics and heartwarming storyline make it an absolute delight. If you're a nature enthusiast like me, you should check it out.
Anthony Hall
My friend plays the minesweeper game, and I started playing it too. I honestly don't know what made the game so addictive. If I have to guess, I think it's because it was the first game I was really good at. I also enjoy playing other online games on their site, especially when I found the minesweeper patterns on this site that help me a lot.