Are customer reviews useful for products on an e-commerce website?

Elena Cirera
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Andrii Kpyto
Yep :) Proofs: .... and tons of other links
Customer reviews are an essential aspect of an eCommerce business. And as an eCommerce business owner, it should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy. Reviews create credibility for your products, and increased credibility means increased sales.
Alexandra Thomas
For sure! They're one of the most valuable things you can have on your ecommerce website. Building trust with your existing and future customers is essential and reviews is one of the best ways to do this!
Dawn Veltri
Absolutely, social proof sells! The reviews are the first place I go when deciding to buy a product or not.
Elena Cirera
@dawn_veltri1 Social proof indeed sells; in fact, we humans are greatly influenced by our social circle.
Kevin Hill
Working as a Marketer-Consultant. Yes, indeed the review is mandatory for your products in the online setups the more you got the reviews on the product the level of confidence of customers will increase the more chance you have for your sale. Just check my e-commerce website.
Debajit Sarkar
Yes it is. In the digital world where engagement and conversion rates are low, I've noticed that customer reviews for products in websites are a great source of free promotion. Customer reviews helps the seller achieve trust and reliability for their brand. The mishmash of authenticity, trust and dependability will lead to showcasing how the existing customers are talking about your brand and their authentic experiences. Given how powerful customer reviews are on e-commerce websites, earlier this year some sellers reportedly offered refunds worth more than the original product if a customer deleted or revised a bad review.
From an SEO perspective, yes. Interaction on the page is always important.
Mahak from Outgrow
I think so because even when we order anything from Amazon(a trusted e-commerce website) too, we mostly go to the review section for its real pics or reviews. What is actually imp is to build trust among visitors about your product and service and showing the experiences of your customers to them will help a lot.
Binal Savani IW
Yes, customer reviews are the most important part of the store. Customers do not buy directly your products they check the reviews of other buyers and after getting sure they purchase the stuff.
Victoria Isla
Yes, they are very useful!
Victoria Isla
Yes, customer reviews are very useful.
Pablo Palmitas
I would say it depends. There are review platforms that nobody actually reads and they exist as a kind of commercial way to build a "positive" face of the product without any real-life backing. From experience being in two SaaS startups I would say that the most powerful thing to bring new users is the word of mouth. Thus I would suggest focusing on building a reputation rather than chasing positive reviews (and certainly not buying reviews, that's a red flag)
Daniela Braniste
Honestly, I wouldn't buy a product without reviews, unless I'm feeling risky that particular day. I'm a big spender on ebay/amazon/aliexpress/joom and I won't buy unless there are not only reviews but also photos and super detailed descriptions.
Victoria Isla
@daniela_braniste You are not the only person; many studies have confirmed that 90% of customers read reviews before purchasing any product.
Style and Trends
If the reviews are real, then yes. I've seen tons of ecom sites with fake reviews and it's just off putting.
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Nobel smith
Hey, I am Nobel Smith. Marketer and Media Consultant. Yes, I agree with you, the reviews are mandatory when selling online. The more reviews on a product, the higher the level of confidence customers will have, and therefore, the more sales you have. Check out my online services-based project site.
Allen John
Off course it does. The impact of negative reviews on your business is significant. Every time a negative review appears on Google searches, you may lose customers. 86% of customers do not purchase from companies with negative reviews. In the long run, negative reviews reduce your web traffic and revenue. Check out one of my project: