Apple WWDC 2022: What are you most excited about?

Cristina Bunea
20 replies


Maxwell Davis
Nothing really 😜
Ryan Gilbert
The new M2 MacBook Air looks really nice!
Kyler Phillips
Lockscreen widgets are super cool, I think being able to customise for different contexts is pretty exciting. Some of the scheduled/undo sending in Mail seems pretty compelling too! Now to install on my device and hope nothing breaks 🙈
Florian Hidayat
The new CarPlay looks really nice, even though I'm not quite sure how it's going to end up looking like with different cars and/or brands
Brian Regan
The M1 macbook air is already incredibly powerful... can't wait to see what the M2 brings to the table.
Chris Surowiec
Freeform... for free! Move over Miro
Frank Vásquez
Freeform (whiteboarding tool)
Ezzat Suhaime
iPhone 14 jk. Macbook Air!!! It looks so good, except the notch
Kaveen Molligoda
I just wish they use 1 type of charging ports across their eco-system. Either type-c or thunderbolt. Right now my M1 mac is USB-C/thunderbolt, iPhone and iPad has lightning.
Rosemarie Pilapitiya
I absolutely love the continuity camera feature. The Macbook air seems pretty cool too.
Elena Tro
Definitely the IOS (iMessage revolution OMG YES)
Dennis Isaac
I was exited about how the presentation itself. I was geeking out on how clean the slides looked. How carefully they choose their examples. The tone of voice, Jargon, colour choices, etc.
Dima Braven
I'm in love with new features from iOS 16. Incredible update and the whole presentation was stunning!
Sean Song
Better productivity with iPad screen extensibility.
András Juhász
It's interesting to see how Apple is trying to take over a few smaller industries/spaces with its recent innovations.
Rich Watson
Where the "none" option?
Bhavna Singh
Intelligent iOS16 features!
Daniel Engels
I liked the possibility to fix an iPhone on a Macbook and use it as an external camera.