Any tools to create a cool introduction video?

Mohsen Kamrani
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Hi the productive side of PH! I'm on the look out for a noob friendly, preferably online, tool to build an intro video (with illustrations/animations particularly) about our startup. Do you know any tool that can help someone with limited expertise in design (not me, I have zero design talents) do this?


Andrii Kpyto
Yep, Upwork or Fiverr. Create a scenario, prepare all materials and let professional designer do their work.
Fatoumata D.
Canva is a great tool too :)
Rosie Higgins
we use Adobe After Effects, but I long for the day that someone builds decent open source video editing tool, like Blender but for video, (and not the Blender video sequencer but that sucks haha)
Mohsen Kamrani
@rosie_higgins_grapevine Thanks Rosie, but unfortunately we're not that much familiar with After Effects, plus looking for something simple and quick.
Brian Nutt
You should try inVideo, Canva and Promo if you are going to try and DIY things with stock video and images. They have robust tools that don't require Adobe type knowledge and provide a bunch of templates. If you want to use animations, check out Animoto. They have a cool tool as well.
I guess Canva would help you.
nora voila
Hi This me Nora Voila. I am web developer and graphic designer. I suggest you adobe versions and canva free version for your project. As I usually use these in making my current site. Thank you
Vaibhav Kapoor
After Effects is a great option. All you gotta do is learn the basics, which will take a few hours only. Then you can download and use video templates, both free and paid. There are tons of templates available out there, and some are really impressive. Hope this helps mate :-)
Vaibhav Kapoor
@m_kamrani I see. In that case, you can try "Quik" or "Splice" mobile apps. They are super easy and create professional videos just like any desktop software. You can also see "Typito", it's a free drag and drop style online video maker if you are using a desktop or laptop. Hope this helps mate :-)
harry joe
I use video maker fx for many videos creation. I create many intro and other videos. You can see the example from fba prep service USA
Web try anymoto few months ago... is simple and cool ;-D
Bobbie Youngman
This me Nora, Voilà. I'm a web engineer and visual fashioner. I propose you adobe renditions and Canva free adaptation for your undertaking. As I generally utilize these in making my ongoing site.