Any tips/templates on how to get to influencers to grow your product?

Nicole Ogloza
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Daniel Engels
On option is to contact them on Twitter or LinkedIn (or even Instagram, depending on your product). And then offer them a free sample / a free quota for test. From my experience, if you don't push too hard, the influencers might be quite cooperative.
Fabian Maume
On LinkedIn, you can leverage hashtag feeds to identify influencers. Hashtag feeds are already filtered for influencers. You can use this tool to identify relevant hashtags. Quora is also a place where you can easily identify influencers: look at the top writer for the topic that you are interested in. Quora has some messaging features that you can leverage to contact those infleuncers. Beside this I have some data mining script to identify influencers on Medium, Youtube and Twitter;
Gurpinder Singh
Identify influencers relevant to your product and reach out to them on social platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn. You can go for barters or paid collaborations. Build a long term relationship with them.
Lucian Tartea
1. First thing to check is if you already have people with bigger followings as existing users of your product. Obviously they are the easiest to approach still many founders don't check this. 2. Check your socials and filter followers by their audience numbers. There are 3rd party tools for this if it can't be done by default. For sure it's easier to approach these people if they already follow you. 3. Establish which are the potential influences for your niche. - Make a list of only the ones you actually like their content and it would be a pleasure for you to interact with them. This is extremely important because you will be doing this for the long run. In this list keep details about them like their own products, passions, why they are relevant for you and keep track of the interactions. - Constantly engage with their content on social media. Feel what they are trying to push and help them push when you have the chance. Their YT channel, website, product - Invest in buying their products, whatever they are: courses, ebooks, guides. And offer public testimonials and tag them - Keep your product in your profile. They will check it out for sure - After you've built up a small relationship ask if they want to try your product for free - If they have blogs or YT channels ask if they would like to feature your product and how much would it cost - In general always try to understand what they're objectives are and how you can help them. Most of them will think the same way for you at some point in time and push your product even without paying
Kazimieras Melaika
Relevancy is the most important. Do research on what the influencer is promoting and try to reach their mind and their target audience! Btw, we’re launching in the mid of June. Check out our upcoming PH page: Our project is called: Effecto. It’s an app for detailed habits, health, symptoms, and meds tracking. Pretty much for everything that is related to your physical or mental health and every daily factor that can affect you.