Any tips on how to get to influencers?

Tatiana Lima
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Trying to get influencers for our app, Etha that aims to be an unbiased political social media platform!


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Nabeel Amir
Before looking out for influencers, you should know the following. Know your goals before you start. Do you know the type of influencer campaign you want to run. Find influencers related to your industry. Look at which influencers your competitors are using. Find influencers that share your audience. Understand the authority of the influencer. How will you track the results? Good Luck
Fabian Maume
You can target: - Quora influencers (you can get a list of top writers on most of the topic and Quora has a direct message feature) - Linkedin influencers (the hashtag feed are automatically curated for influencers) - Medium top writers - Podcast hosts -Youtube influencers (you can get their email from their about page). If you are interested can help you find relevant influencers
Terrell Green
I reach out to local influencers on IG. You would be surprised at who would reply!