Any advice for a developer who wants to turn a salesperson?

Ahmad Shahriari
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I'm Ahmad, co-founder of, I have a technical background, and as you know, in the early stage of a startup, you have to do everything, including sales. Any advice or tips?


Gleb Braverman
Just start doing it, read some books like Crossing The Chasm, Tipping Point and some other classics. Learning by doing is the best way!
Nurlan Nurmanov
Just remember, No does not mean No.
Lirian Ostrovica
@nurlan_nurmanov Wouldn't it be better to spend your time moving to the next one instead?
Jenna Miles
watch wolf of the wall street or join an online sales course
Lots of tech sales guys on r/sales...
Sudheer Bandaru
Hey Ahmad, congrats on your startup. I fall into the same category as you, have been a CTO for ages, and now doing sales as a founder. I realized sales is about identifying the customer's problem and then pointing to the solution if that's possible through our product. I have realized that most times the biggest mistake technical founders do is by explaining the features and how cool they are and what an engineering marvel we have done. To the end customer, all it matters is - does it solve my problem.
Gabriel Romero
@sudheer_insightly Sell solutions, not products! I 100% agree, I had the same problem and was continuously pushing new features and trying to convince (arguably annoyed) customers at first.
Jump into a Pre-Sales role! Pre-sales folks need to know the tech basics but they also participate in the bottom of the sales funnel. It's a great place for folks with a technical background to get involved in the sales process.
Aleks Dahlberg
Since you're a developer already and your product is dev centric then you are already a salesmen. I'd focus on WHO you sell to - my bet would be selling internally to dev teams and product people and not executives. Let the product sell internally within your target organisations as opposed to trying to get sales top down.
Irete Hamdani
Establish genuine relationships with people and follow up continuously!
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Gaurav Singh Bisen
Congratulations Ahmand on your startup. Looks quite interesting. In my experience if you are someone who has been on the introvert side, now is the time to expose yourself to the other side of the world. Few things that can surely help you to crack conversations with your ICP: 1. Be transparent, direct and honest while reaching out to people 2. Identify the platform where your potential customers are most active and try to connect with them keeping point no. 1 in mind. 3. Be shameless and ask a simple question about your product - "Do you think its a vitamin or pain killer for you? " - This will give you a lot of clarity in shaping product further. Most important - Understand whether you wish to build a great product or a great business. Great products sell on their own while great businesses requires a strong inter-personal skills. One question that I seek your input on- what is your advice for a salesperson who is trying to sell to developers? Need your help on this if you can.
Animesh Koratana
Leverage your knowledge! You may never have the sales skills of a true sales professional, but what you do have is the deepest knowledge of your product and the pain points it addresses of any person in the entire world. You just need to convey it in a way that reaches your target audience.
Marcus Tisdale
As someone with a background in sales, I'd recommend taking an actual part-time job in sales and learning the ropes. There's nothing like being thrown into a real-time environment and learning from those who are already doing it
Gabriel Romero
Great advice from @gleb_braverman on just starting and taking action! As a fellow developer and introvert, I can completely relate to the challenge of overthinking. One resource that could be helpful is the book "Mom Test", which I highly recommend. The book provides practical tips on how to shift your focus to the person you're talking to and ask better questions. By allowing the other person to talk about themselves, you can gain valuable insights and information that can inform your pitch later on. I was surprised to learn that most people love to talk, and with a bit of encouragement, they're often willing to share everything you need to know. So don't be afraid to take that first step and start a conversation!
Corey Berrier
We should connect. I'm the Sales Expert on Deck for Embriya Accelerator Hardware Startups (EPIC) Prize challenge of the fastest-growing accelerators in DC; we currently have 37 startups funded by DOE-OTT. Be honest and transparent and people love to buy but hate to be sold to.
Martha Snooper
If you are a developer who wants to transition into a sales role, there are a few things you can do to help make the transition. Develop your communication skills Learn about sales and marketing Add more network Build your personal brand Be persistent Remember, making the transition from developer to salesperson takes time and effort. But with the right mindset, skills, and knowledge, you can succeed in this exciting and rewarding field.