Accessibility Built In

Miriam Dorsett
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Hello! I've recently become aware of the lack of requirements for tech products being created with accessibility baked in and I'm wondering how many others are aware of this in our community and what we think about this? I am a nontechnical maker and "hack" things that others have made to build my MVPs. I'm concerned that the products I'm building are not accessible for all. For those that are tech savvy, is it very difficult to build accessible products and platforms? Thank you! Miriam


Rucha Joshi
Hi Miriam, you might have got your answers already. There some low bar things you can do to build in accessibility especially in the UI. These guidelines are easy to follow and implement
Miriam Dorsett
@rucha_joshi8 thank you so much for chiming in here. I know my sites are certainly a wip but it's on my radar now. Education is more than half the battle.