As a Maker do you take time off? If so, what do you do to recharge your batteries?

Robert Zalaudek
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Yes. This is what works for me: Meditation, workout, go for a hike, spending time with family and friends.
Austin Marks
Depends on the environment, when working on solo projects I will take more time off, when working with someone else I only take Sunday off.
Austin Marks
@kokiweb Well I can't say because I don't know your situation or if you are in one, but to TRULY recharge my batteries, not just jumping on Twitch or Youtube, i'll go to the beach (if I can, surf), i'll go on a run, or really any outdoor activity. Recently me and my co-worker have been allocating time to walk for 20-30 min which has been pretty great, sometimes you don't even realize how vitamin D deficient you are until you catch some sweet rays.
Kaloyan Dobrev
Yes, for me workouts give me the dopamine and I am more relax after them. Sitting whole day may cause all sorts of problems so it is good to be active for a few hours of the day. One other thing what working for me is spending time in the forest.