Where do you think is a safe place to store important information ? (eg. for a project)

Kaloyan Dobrev
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Hello Makers, where do you think is the most safe storage place for the keys for the kingdom (etc. accounts for app store, google store, secret project know how) ? If you have any suggestion please share them.


Aristeidis Kypriotis
Maybe I am old school but if the information is really important it probably should be stored in more than one place. Eg a usb or external drive for back up, and an online storage solution for ease of accessibility of the items you work on most frequently
Kaloyan Dobrev
@aristeidis Do you use something for encryption for the backup and for online storage ?
Sam Abrika
Certainly not on USB disk :)
Kaloyan Dobrev
@samabrika1 Why do not like USBs, you think the flash memory will fail or that it is easy to be misplace ?
Samuel Cotterall
I keep all of my passwords and other credentials in a password manager (1Password specifically). 1Password has an option to share these details across teams, as does LastPass, etc. For “secret project know how” (more long-form documentation) Google Drive is secure enough; particularly if you require users to access it with multi-factor authentication.
Kaloyan Dobrev
@samuelcotterall My team and I was using the same strategy, but didn't want to have our information not encrypted in Google Drive, because just one misconfiguration from Google and the information will be available to others (this happened recently with Google Photos) so we created Drive Password - you can check it here: https://drivepassword.com
Ruan du Plessis
Lastpass for passwords / private keys etc and then cloud storage for everything else. If you are concerned about the privacy of the contents of the data stored in cloud storage, use an encryption service/tool to encrypt data before upload to cloud storage.
Martin Capodici
I think password managers are ideal, and then delegate as much of that to the cloud as possible. I.e. have one password to get into your aws account, use 2FA, then use credential stores etc. to give machines access to things, not have more passwords to store! I definitely trust aws/azure/google's security more than I trust my own, but as always you need to think about your "threat model"
Kaloyan Dobrev
@martin_capodici I am totally agree with you, but my paranoia was calling and we didn't want the BIG (etc. Google, AWS, AZURE) to have complete control so we and my team create a solution that use Google Drive, but it encrypt everything before storing the data. Here is a link for more info: https://drivepassword.com - If you have any suggestion I am open to hear them.
Well, I can't deny these types of devices or accessories might help us keep our data and never lose it. However, I recently lost a lot of very important files. On top, you should always update the info you have on these accessories. Since I'm not that responsible, I searched for other options. The only platform that worked with data recovery was helpful enough was https://www.salvagedata.com/raid.... I was lucky enough to find it pretty fast, so I have tried just 5 platforms in total, and let me tell you, don't believe all the promises each platform gives you.
Well it's really best to have it in multiple locations, including the cloud. I found some really good information from https://www.thekingrepairs.com/ on which hard drive type to use. I guess that WD is one of the better ones, and never to get seagate because they tend to fail after or before a year of use.