POLL: Hi Makers. Do you think adding dark mode is a must for a new project?

Kaloyan Dobrev
4 replies
If you think is necessary what do you think is the best way to implement it ?


As much as I love it not every app needs it :)
Jason Shellen
Depends on the product. If you’re trying to get an MVP out the door, don’t do it.
Justin E. Harris
Yes. The latest operating systems include dark mode as a system wide feature and should be supported by all new projects.
Anurag Singh
We're building a web chat app and seems we have to have dark mode; lest evolved users think we don't care enough for good tech (low battery impacts etc.) Poll option of budget is not valid I feel because if you use the right framework it can be quite easy to implement. And of course not every app needs it, but if you are a web chat, analytics or anything that needs to be on for long, consider dark mode.