Would you use a web app to keep track of your wedding participants and have a market for services?

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Hello, I am working on a side project for some time, a wedding planning app: https://planour.wedding. I started this because ~we~ needed some help with our coming wedding. We have invitees from different generations that don't use email (i know, right?) and some that do and we wanted to send online RSVPs in different languages from our own platform, to see how to arrange their sitting in the room and to understand where our money goes away :) We wanted to know some stats as well and plus, it gave me the perfect opportunity to learn a new stack. After almost a decade with Java I needed! something new. I have a survey with extra questions as well, if anyone wants to share some insight about their wedding. No personal data, except the actual email. https://forms.gle/YyvkEEtdJyzPXNsA7 Thank you.


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Hi, I had my wedding 3 years back. Tried to herd a crowd of older generations, friends and families which was fun. For the peace of mind of having a guaranteed complete list at all time what features can you build to lower that technology barrier/reluctance for some generations? I reckon the interface needs to be very very clear, simple and plain too :)
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@antonius_dasuki Hey, thanks for asking me this. We as well have family from older generations and they have 0 interest in tech. This is ~a lot~ to do with geo-location and past society. We are not trying to change them and for them we have paper invitations, and i am OK with that. But for people that are not completely against using/trying tech, you can send an RSVP where they can change (if needed, as an owner of event you can pre-select everything) they meal options and press 'Send RSVP'. I find it's a must to have internationalization for this type of user case, or else they won't succeed. In the platform you can create participants that haven't got an email address and you can share the link with them if needed. From our experience, only one person from older generation wanted to do this, because (again location) a wedding invitation exists only if it's handed (not posted) in person on paper. We are trying to keep it as simple as we can imagine it, and it really helped us understand some potential users when we started sending them to our work colleagues and friends. On the plus side, me and my partner are both software developers and our colleagues mostly are the same, and we got back technical feedback (this doesn't open when i click etc) and from our non developers friends we got back feedback related to how easy is to understand something. I am not sure if we are going to open this to the public, for now we are using it a lot and a friend getting married at end of summer has started as well and maybe to some other couples that want to give it a go in our beta mode. Thanks again. :)
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@gabrielaradu that's fantastic. Love the MVP iteration approach to avoid overengineering. Wishing you and your partner continued success with the project.
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This would be a great idea. But implementation is pretty hard. As there are many type of people come and getting real idea about product that we are try to sell is mixup the while things. I personally try to sell engagement rings in adelaide and get almost youth in wedding but unable to get proper ROI from that. So not a great idea but share your result with me too.