Hunters from Russia, Ukraine, let's get acquainted

Kirill Fomin
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Привет!) Hi, my name is Kirill, I'm a designer and marketer. Tomorrow we are launching a service for instagram with the team. I have been actively reviewing PH for the last six months and have found many new friends from Russia and Ukraine. If you speak Russian, tell us a little about yourself, your product, and what you are looking for on PH? ---------- Hunters from other countries, also join the discussion, are happy to see everyone, share your products and experience)


Kyrylo Taranenko
Hey namesake! :) I'm a marketer, from Ukraine as well. Nice to e-meet you! I'm currently working on a tool that helps to stay in the loop of what was recently discussed with your clients on Whatsapp. It's called TimelinesAI. We're planning to launch on ProductHunt to validate our idea and get feedback to increase the value that this tool may provide for project management and sales teams. I have launched a product before (Y-Productive ), so I know that the feedback is the most valuable thing in your launch. As a Maker, I just love being occasionally helpful here and the option to poll the community to quickly learn something. I also have a small channel on Telegram dedicated to writing fiction as a hobby.
Кирилл Фомин
@kyrylo Hi, yesterday I accidentally saw your account and wrote to you on Twitter) We also have a product related to messengers with the team.)
Кирилл Фомин
@kyrylo Хотя, тут думаю, что можно на русском даже общаться) Сколько Вас человек в команде?