Keep your work and distractions under control

#5 Product of the WeekJuly 18, 2018

Receive the real-time feedback about your work efficiency and the number of distractions.

Manage tasks, keep an eye on your performance and block distracting websites like Facebook, Reddit or Product Hunt to keep your unproductive habits under control.

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Honored to have the Product Hunt logo included in the video as a blockable website. 🙏🏼
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@rrhoover ProductHunt is just so fun to scroll through that sometimes work goes aside :D
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Hi PH! I am Alex. In a first place, I’m a dad of a 2-year old son and a husband of a lovely wife. And only then I’m a developer and a co-founder who spends all his work time with a laptop. Every day, I want to finish my work on time, close that laptop and spend the evening with my family or have some rest. It’s easier said than done. Did you ever notice how much distractions at our computer prevent us from reaching the goal? Colleagues and friends ping every now and then; Unplanned tasks ruin our schedule; Facebook, YouTube, apps, and messengers spend budgets to develop features that will distract us for sure. Now, you were so focused, and... Our willpower is just not enough to handle the technological pressure. To improve, I need to know WHY the heck I visit Facebook or use that app for a half of an hour? Did it harm my productivity or was it work-related? In real-time, please. RescueTime or the analogs aren’t enough here. They either put a pile of “good-to-know” stats without any context on my head or are just too difficult to get through the UI every day. We aim to make Y-Productive a blend of the most useful features to track and improve your workflow. I and my teammates use it every day. How is it said? “Eat your own dog food”, right? Here is my productivity chart preparing for the launch for example: We spent a good year in a beta polishing the app so I hope to hear what you think about it. Let me know your thoughts or questions about Y-Productive! P.S. don't forget to use the promo code: MEOWPRODUCTIVE on a pricing page (wink)(wink) P.P.S. What's your opinion about the app? Maybe the field to improve or add new features? Would be glad to hear your thoughts, people!
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@alex_zhebryakov Congrats with the launch! I've beed first of beta users 1 year ago. The app improved a lot since that time. My favorite part is UI. Can you please share plans for the future? What other feature do you want to add?
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@andreyazimov thanks for asking! Our #1 goal is to implement the SmartCoach - an assistant that will provide useful tips during the day based on your habits. We require more users however to teach the AI. In the nearest future, we'll add the synchronization between different computers and the productivity profiles to switch the categorization on the fly for different work situations. Think work vs study or something similar. Maybe there's some feature that's missing on your mind? Would be glad to hear the opinion of everyone here.
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@alex_zhebryakov I think it would be great and you can start without AI. Just based on my data. Like best working average time. So If I start working at 9:00, 9:10, 9:20 recommendation could be 9:10 but if it keep increasing it should notify like "So supposed to work". So no AI needed.
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@alex_zhebryakov my problem is usually being productive on the laptop... right till I take the phone in the hands. i think I've heard that in a distant future you'd have a mobile app as well or am I just confused?
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@lera_shukatka we could, but not like "all the features of desktop YP for the phone". iOS, sadly, has very strict restrictions with third-party apps tracking the screen time or blocking other apps.

I left Rescue Time after figured out they a) constantly got hacked and b) they sell data. If you think it's not related — you're wrong. It get hacked to sell the data as well. Think, services like that should avoid using cloud, or if they are, it must provide top security level.


Good tool for tracking productivity. Think, macOS should provide it by defaults (as iOS will does since 12).


Security risk: collecting tons of private data and doesn't provide multi-factor authentication

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@grozyan Thank you for a feedback. We are going to implement an option to store the data locally and do no use any cloud storage. We understand the security concerns of our customers and trying to adapt as fast as we can, but the resources of our startup are limited (we bootstrap it from own pockets), so it will take some time.
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Rescuetime sell data?!
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The team is passionate about their mission/vision. I have high hopes for how this product will grow.


Best productivity application I've used; great data visualization identified causes of distraction quickly; made me more focused in days


Missing contextual tasks; sometimes email is a productive task, sometimes its an unproductive one :D

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I'd like to have a free plan with minimum features.


Beautiful and modern design


No free plan like in Rescue Time

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