I got an excellent product idea. What should I do next?

Ranvijay Singh
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I got an excellent product idea šŸ˜Ž āž¤ I think I should build the product first āž¤ No, I should speak to people first āž¤ Wait šŸ›‘ If I speak to people, it will be copied āž¤ Let me build a full-featured product first āž¤ But I don't know programming āž¤ I should look for a partner or a co-founder (again I will have to discuss this with a lot more people in due process) āž¤ Will hiring a developer to be a good option? āž¤ Unfortunately, I don't have that much of funds to hire a developer āž¤ I should hire someone remote āž¤ Ok let me register a company first I don't know what to do? I am confused now. šŸ˜ž Is this happening with you too? If yes, you should read "Get the Startup Basics Right (Vol I). It's a step by step guide for first-time founders, early-stage startups and aspiring product managers. More than 100s of people read it since its release on Feb 24, 2020. Get a free copy of this guide today! http://bit.ly/32jKyEG
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