Do you think an app similar to slack for esports organizations would be a good idea?

Eric Dorman
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Depends. How many esports organizations are there? Remember every office is a potential target for slack (including esports organizations). You're narrowing down your market significantly, so be sure you're solving a specific need because you'll need high conversion rates
@david_ta There are hundreds of esports teams around the world. I wanted to specifically narrow my market down to just the esports industry in order create better market fit. Plus if you have a product that is developed only to help solve a certain problem in a specific industry, I feel that increases the adoption among the players most impacted by the need your trying to solve for. Now some could argue that Discord is a slack replacer for video gamers and esports organizations, but Discord doesn't have the correct tools to help only the esports teams. Also Discord wasn't originally created to solely help only esports organizations manage their communications within their teams, but instead wanted to be the place where gamers created their own community built messaging platforms where they could interact with their peers.