Would you be interested in following me build out a new project via Instagram?

Thom Malone
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Hey guys, I've been an entrepreneur for over 10 years now (1 exit, some minor successes, and a lot of failures). I've had a lot of friends and family ask for help on helping them create a company, so instead of splitting my free time between everyone asking, I was thinking about building my new side-project Ennie publicly on Instagram through Posts and Stories to help share my rationale behind how I launch, how I'm building an MVP, how I'm going to be marketing it as a bootstrapped project and sharing resources along the way that have helped me in that particular aspect of the startup journey. The goal is to make it collaborative and help anyone else with their startup journey, while also receiving feedback in real-time from other entrepreneurs (you guys?). The question is would you be interested in that?


Benjamin Vaughan
Sounds like a great idea!
Sounds interesting but why only on Instagram? How about YouTube or Twitch for videos.
Thom Malone
@andrefuchs Yeah I think YouTube or Twitch are great places to do something like this too, I'm drawn to Instagram because I think it has a better discovery feature and isn't overcrowded with noise in regards to content like this, whereas at least I feel like YouTube is. I also like the idea of doing something with IGTV because it's newer, so the barrier to entry would be less than a more mature product like YouTube