What tool do you use to track your goals & journal

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What are your favorite tools to track progress towards your goals and review your week? Do you review your action or just track them? Context: I've tried several tools. The latest was Roam which worked the best for note taking, but less good for task tracking. It might not be a tool problem, but a behavioral (human) challenge.


Corinn Pope
I recently purchased the "self journal" from best self co and it's working out for me. I really just like having my to-dos on a physical list.
@nniroc Do you go back and read what you wrote? I enjoy writing, but forget to take the time to review my thoughts.
Corinn Pope
@nniroc @katerinabohlec I do. Every sunday I got back and look at my goals for the week and if I hit them, then plan the next week. I also look at how I spent planned to my time versus how I actually spent it. Rinse and repeat :-)
@nniroc @katerinabohlec what helped you get into the habit of going back and reviewing your thoughts? I tried scheduling, but that didn't help. My days might be too full.
Jasmind Thomas
Just started using Notion, so far so good!
@jasmind_thomas Why did you decided to use Notion over another product?
Jasmind Thomas
@katerinabohlec I like how customizable it is, other people have templates you can use for your own set up, and it seems to hit all areas of personal life that you could organize. The main drawback for me is the mobile version. It's good to check things off your lists or make a quick reference but gets cumbersome to add to those lists or make new templates. I'm sure it works better on a tablet or a phone with a larger than average screen. Also, you get a lot of space for the free version and there are a lot of tutorial vids to watch when I get stuck on how to use it.
Debajit Sarkar
I try to find a way to track small incremental steps toward the larger goal and track those small steps daily. Keeping this is mind, the apps I use to track goals are: (1) Strides: Users can track four different types of goals including habit, target, average, and project. https://www.stridesapp.com/ (2) Way of Life: Easy, intuitive way to keep up with things that might otherwise go undone. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/wa... (3) Asana: Nice, elegant tool to build project deadlines. https://asana.com/ Apart from these tools I also use Big Post in Notes (those two-foot square Post-it notes) because occasionally I like to physically write down stuff.
Austin Marks
I have my monthly goals on 1 white board, then my 2 week goals on a different white board next to the monthly one, and for my daily tasks & goals I use RoamResearch which is just another note taking tool.
milan maheshwari
Using Notion for things to do, writing journal, lessons from a recent book etc.
Ali Shah
I've been using TapeReal.com for documenting goals and journaling my thoughts through audio and video. I find it easier than writing and it's helpful from a mental health perspective where I can brain-dump my thoughts, challenges, wins, etc.
Notion all the way :D
Marie Malikova
Notion and TMetric to track time spent in Notion. A great pair of tools. I recommend.