What is your strategy for improving user/customer retention?

Shraddha Srivastava
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Great questions, here are a few I'd recommend. - Constant, open communication. - Honest product/service feedback - Deliver personalised content that helps them overcome a challenge, maybe not even related to your product or service.
Shraddha Srivastava
@bentheredonethat How do you communicate with them like chatting with them while they are on the product or email or phone?
@bentheredonethat @shraddhasrivastava Sure, I think all three, depending on your relationship with the customer. Toucan have a great feedback idea with their chrome extension. They have a discreet pop-up (bottom left) whilst you are using the extension, which occasionally asks you a feedback question about the tool or experience. If it was a random app, it would be annoying, but because it's something I value, I don't mind giving the feedback as it will eventually make my experience better. I suppose it depends on the initial relationship between the product and the customer?
Lior Barak
For me it's always tracking of features in use or not. Communication reaching out to clients to understand what can be improved or is missing. Features focused on clients - we develop things more than one user mentioned as a challange and try to solve it in a lean way, they we understand if it's working and slowly develop it
Elle Werle
On a macro level I put myself in their shoes and handle any situation how I would want it to be handled if I was the customer. Even as CSM's or in other support roles, we are customers ourselves every single day dozens of times over. We know what we want and we can provide that to our own customers.
Alex Jost
Missing all data analysis options imo... ive seen in all my businesses super biased decisions by focusing on single customer opinions. I think a healthy mix between single customers voice and data analysis is key. But just relying on qualitative feedback is a big mistake! We're launching a product on this topic next week!
Hugo P.
It's all about CSM, great help center, reactive CSM team on chat and open communication with the most engaged users to be sure to identify major issues before it becomes unbearable :)
Shraddha Srivastava
@hugo_pochet1 What is your preferred mode of communication with the customers?
Vikram Sahu ꩜
I would say nice options with a nice question. as @bentheredonethat suggested - Open communication is one of the best ways where customers to actively participate and help you understand challenges around the product. - Important but infrequently used feature in the roadmap should be deprioritized. - Instant response to reported issues (at least notify user that we have considered your request [remember it should be not an automated message]).
John Mirochnik
1. Respond to feedback (emails, online comments), especially if customer is asking for improvement/new feature. 2. Frequent updates - more functionality added for subscribers and non-subscribers. 3. Test, test and test - bugs must be discovered during development and not in the released product by customers.
My personal framework for retention is the following: 1/ Having a product-market fit is the most important point for me 2/ Talking to users regularly + looking at data (recodings, behavioural data) to understand frictions and improve your product 3/ Awesome customer support, especially for disgruntled customers 4/ A good onboarding to make sure people know how to use your product 5/ What I call "user delights", small things that either give a smile, improve the overall experience or make something boring less boring. A few examples: an awesome 404 page, use of gifs or emojis (sparingly), inspirational content, animations on a completed task, etc.
Jared Cornell
Most businesses are in the rush to acquire new customers that they forget to implement ways to retain existing ones. Our business was rapidly losing customers until we decided to take action. Here are some strategies you can start with: 1. Offer proactive customer service 2. Leverage the right customer support tool (we use ProProfs Help Desk software, https://www.proprofsdesk.com/) 3. Capture customer feedback at regular intervals 4. Implement suggestions 5. Treat every customer like they own your business
Jason Grills
@Shraddha that’s definitely a great question. Our company does connect and engage with customers to see if they have any problems or facing any challenges off late. This makes our customers feel that we do care and helps us retain them longer. However, we also offer: 1. Proactive support using live chat 2. Create educational content through videos and knowledge base repository that helps them resolve frequently asked questions without the help of an agent 3. We conduct quarterly NPS surveys to understand if they’d recommend us to others or not
Sugandh Sharma
For us, it is personalizing customer support. We use @proprofs Chat(https://www.proprofschat.com/) to help our customers instantly find whatever they are looking for in the most hassle-free way, through manned or automated responses. Post chat surveys also help us measure customer satisfaction levels and optimize our service efforts for optimum results.