Which tool is good to do SEO for a WordPress website?

Rahul Nair
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I am working on a WordPress website. It's mine, looking for a perfect tool to do SEO easily. To make my WordPress website SEO friendly.


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I've always used YOAST. I think it's pretty standard.
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Yoast all the way.
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Rank Math is both free and easy to use. i highly recommend it.
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Ahrefs is a good general tool (not wordpress specific) and currently has a free version. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
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I am Everytime using ALL in ONE SEO Tool, its easily customize the wordpress themes and SEO Friently tool
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I think Rankmath and Yoast are the 2 best ones. Maybe just try both of them and choose the one that works for you best :)
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