Onboarding Tools to Grow my Business in automatic way

Lior Barak
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Hi everyone, We plan to launch our new product soon, in the past year we transformed from an agency working on a project or two at a time into a product company, now we are searching for a system that can help us with on-boarding new clients from storing the inquiry (we pray to have some) up to the on-boarding and retargeting. We are really on the budget and don't have like 60-100 euros per month for a service so we looking for something that will give good value for money and at the same time will allow us to manage our client's onboarding funnel. What solutions do you use and can recommend? What service do they support? Are they GDPR/e-privacy compliance? This is the most important part


Alejandro Cantarero
Some of the tools we used to get started for this: - Segment as a CDP to instrument and get consistent data into all our downstream tools. They have a good free offering for startups. https://segment.com/industry/sta... - Not really automated by we used both FullStory and Hotjar to monitor onboarding and find issues in the onboarding process. Both have good free plans, and through Segment's Startup Program you can get 1 year free of their higher tier plans once you exceed the free tier. https://www.producthunt.com/post... https://www.producthunt.com/post... Hotjar is more privacy focused than fullystory, but that comes at the cost of additional implementation work to see form fields in screen recordings. - Intercom has a good startup program as well that you can use for chat, onboarding campaigns, etc. This one is not free at $49/ month, but it does offer a lot of capabilities. https://www.intercom.com/early-s... All of these companies can do things in a GDPR compliant way.