Macbook Touch Bar best use cases

Daniil Okhlopkov
5 replies
One day I found out that my Macbook pro has this small wide display called Touch Bar. But I found myself using only volume and brightness buttons. So I wonder: How do you use Macbook pro Touch bar? E.g. I found my Telegram desktop app can show GIFs on a touch bar small display. I don't use it to choose one GIF and send it to a friend. I use it just to see some weird animals dancing on my keyboard.


Hasan Diwan
since Big Sur, my TouchBar seems to have committed suicide. *sniff*
Nate Watkin
Safari bookmarks on web browser is probably my most common use case.
Bruno Raljić
IntelliJ has nice shortcuts on the TouchBar that are changing dynamically depending on the context. E.g. shortcuts to start project, or if you're in debug mode there are step-in, step-over etc other than that I rarely use it... oh yeah, one thing for sure - spotify music -> next song :D
Meng Wee Tan
I use it for zoom video/sound on/off