Why do you produce content?

Johan Cutych
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What do you expect from producing content? And which content do you think will have the biggest impact on your business and why?


Anabelle Leija
it impacted it by helping my show to people are texting
Ethan Zoller
YC has a video about this, might be really helpful.
Harri Arain
this perhaps has to be the question of the week, producing content might not be a choice as making a product s only half the job. The rest comes afterwards and that is where content comes in play, producing content for the sake of content is never a good option and there has to be something to give to the potential customer and the best way to do that is through carefully thought out content, something that sends a message to the client that provides a clear plan of action. So one should create content not only to create chatter about their product/themselves but to always keep an open line of communication.
Tatyana Tokareva
Content that describes how to deside a specific problem and it should be as individual as possible
Richard Shepherd
I would say it is about lead generation, or at least that's what we expect to get as a result of creating content. The content might take the form of a very engaging post on Indie Hackers, for example, which starts a discussion. Usually we see a pick up in people joining our waitlist after posting. The second way is through SEO, although this is much slower. We try to think about the distribution channel first and then craft the content to suit that channel if that makes sense. Rather than writing something and then thinking, wonder how to promote this?
Lior Barak
@richardesigns Will love to see some example of your articles and learn how you creating engagement and buzz
Lior Barak
@richardesigns @lior_barak Thanks very interesting I am creating content for over 3 years but not enjoying the right engagement maybe I am doing something wrong
Johan Cutych
@richardesigns @lior_barak nice! Great discussion igniter! I see this working on reddit as well. Thanks for sharing
This is a broad question. Since I am in digital marketing, let me answer from my perspective. In my niche content plays a very important role in getting traffic organically. The better content you produce, better traffic you get. Nowadays the emphasis is more towards producing video content which is THE big thing for brands to promote their products.
Johan Cutych
@lindseyshawn so does writing articles works for you best then?
Lior Barak
For me creation of content was always related to what I want to develop or learn deeper, I produce contact into subjects I wanted to feel more secure about or get some more feedback about my thoughts. On the bad side of it, I don't think getting people engaged with content is so simple and many times I got a lot of likes but no real engagement or debate as I hope will come
Olga Trykush
I like the idea that content should navigate people what more they can do it order to make things better. So, after checking your product (or before) when they see your posts, they should have a feeling of understanding some insights, they should become inspired that you not only give them a solution (your product/service), but also give them more value by some blogs, infographics, instructions and just tips