How important is content for your project?

Johan Cutych
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How much time do you invest in it? Should you start producing content early? Even before you have PMF? How to produce it in a sustainable way?


Andreea Bunica
I started focusing I'd say at least 50% of my time on content lately, even though our MVP is not ready. I'm running a hardware startup, so it will take time until we actually have something market-ready, and we need to go through some rounds of funding before that even happens. So it's hyper important to build a community, to get people talking, and to co-create this product with the community as it happens.
Olga Trykush
Content marketing is very important and effective nowadays, and you should definitely start working on it before the launch - you can start running a personal blog, for example, and share your thoughts, steps, and plans regarding the upcoming project, this may help you to start building the community. Our case (our project is on the beta launch): we divided the content into a few important branches, and now we're preparing content for the project's blog, for social media, for emails, for guest posts and press releases, and for personal founder's blog (these are the main ones) - 2 managers are working on it, because, what's more important, all content should be published regularly (3 blog posts/week; 6 posts for socials/week and so on).
Vera Mirzoyan
Content is one of the most important factors in any project. This is the way we introduce projects and products. Whether people decide on using, trying it, or ignoring, mostly depends on what kind of content we present to introduce and highlight the benefits. Because of poor content, we may prevent people from testing the great functionality of our project. So, content should be considered carefully and in detail.
Ruslan Rayanov
Content is one of the most important things, but only high-quality content. We have worked out the issue of content for trading platforms in detail.