Hey Makers, How do you arrange your blogging week?

Kingsley Ijomah
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Do you set aside one day for writing from start to finish? I would love to be able to achieve this, but currently struggling to find the entire motivation to start and finish without having something more urgent take over time.


Szymon Adamiak
For me the key is to write everything in one sitting. Editing can be split for multiple days. I try to blog at least once a week. Usually I schedule 2-3 hours in the morning and write everything that's on my mind on the subject. It lacks a bit of structure and direction, but gets me to 1000-2000 words. The next day I take an hour to edit it. If it doesn't feel ready I polish it a bit a day after.
Kingsley Ijomah
@sadamiak awesome! glad I am not the only one spanning over days on one post, I see now it is not a race but a process
Jen ✏️
If you're having trouble writing it in one go, then try breaking it down. One day, focus on writing the outline. Next day, write a first draft. And a couple of days later, edit + publish. I'm not great at writing everything in one sitting since I need the ideas to marinate for a bit. Just do what works for you!
Kingsley Ijomah
@mellowbeing thanks for that, I ended up giving this a go, it actually worked better for me, walking away after the outline make the subject even more clearer when I attempted the next day.