How many domains do you own?

Being a maker, whenever an idea flashes, we immediately purchases a domain name. And the domain number shoots up this way. Instead of letting these domains expire, why not sell them. I have the marketing newsletter for developers, where I will feature them. And I am pretty sure we can sell them to other makers (unless it's a weird domain) Now I am compiling a list of domains with the owner information so buyers can reach them directly and negotiate a deal. Here are my 2 domains ready to marry another maker: 1. - anything related to marketing. More specifically a podcast. 2. - a logo design agency or sell ready made logos. Contact: Twitter link in bio to connect. Comment your domains and contact information as well.


Yaroslaw Bagriy
@falak_sher I do have a few for sale! I’m offering a special 30% discount too.
Tomáš Slouka
I have several domains. Some of them are for sale. For example and