How to get more feedback from customers?

So far I have collected these methods. 1. Hitting up active customers on Twitter, just writing a short message: "Hi Xyz, just saw that you are using ABC quite actively. Do you have any feedback for me, that would help a lot" 2. If your product is a widget, send automatic emails if someone embeds XYZ successfully to their page. 3. Provide a portal to your customers where they can ask for feature requests, post a bug etc. 4. Do in-app messaging, or use chatbots for this purpose. 5. Feedback boxes: The chances of users reaching out to your support team in case they need something or find something to be broken are minimal and using feedback forms could help users in reporting you when something isn’t working right. 6. If none of them work, try bribing people. (It always work). Send them a gift voucher in exchange for feedback call or give them a 30% discount coupon for 3 months. (Latter works if the person is a paid user.) If you found it useful, you might like my practical marketing newsletter 👉 (1762 subscribers) Do you know any other method, please add it here.


Vladimír Seman
if you have their email - or the email is in the product registration process - why not to email them and ask for the feedback directly?
Lance Villacin
@vladojsem I do this and in my app, Yapper I just reply to some of their posts telling them I sent them an email.
Dragos Bulugean
I chuckled at number 6, big facts! :)
Darko Williams
Hey Falak, nice list. I found that many founders don't focus on making it easy for people to provide a feedback. First of all, they make their feedback questions WAY too long. Instead of simply asking: "Did you like the product so far?" Yes/No, they write: "Hey X, we're always looking to improve our product so can you please spend 2 seconds to answer the question: Did you like our product so far?" Ironically, READING this kind of question takes way more than 2 seconds, so you're disrespecting your users' time right from the get go.
@zerotousers you summed the problem+ gave a solution as well. And people still write stuff like that which annoys people. As a result, very few people give feedback
Hannah S Kim
Hi Falak, thanks for sharing this list! Usually, a good old email with a survey link is effective as well. It also helps to give out gift cards to those who respond to the survey. I also mentioned in my most recent newsletter that we give out greater rewards (between $5-$30) to those who give more thorough feedback, which significantly increased our survey completion rate. Hope this helps!
Nikita Kanade
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