How are modern working concepts influenced by the current pandamic?

Alexander Fournier
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Is the current situation harmful or a chance-giver for "New Work"?


Mr Ethar Alali
Chance-giver. definitely! A few things on it: 1. Frustratingly for me, I used to evangelise it and even set up a new business to do all this 9 years ago. We still work this way, so the pandemic hasn't touched us 2. Not everyone will want it. So companies shouldn't go "remote-only", but have some way of including a small workspace (e.g. co-working spaces - but check health & safety) 3. It doesn't stand alone. It needs other cutting edge working practises to go with it.
Dragos Bulugean
I think it all depends on your own perspective. Some people can see the bad things in everything and get stressed by the situation. I'm more of an optimistic guy, I think there are a lot of things to learn and improve if you want to have a growing business in the pandemic scenario.
Ronan Wall
I think we're always in a state of 'change' @fresh_food and the only difference right now is the pace of change. We've seen 10 years of growth in 6 months in certain trends (i) store commerce-to online (ii) on premise working to remote and (iii) full time to freelance IMO those who embrace these trends will find opportunity, those who fight it will find it hard.