How long before the actual launch of your product, would you launch a "coming soon" page?

Dario Raijman
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Abe Winter
Depends on what pre-launch marketing you're doing and how you're planning to acquire your first users. If this is saas and you're doing sales, high-quality landing page helps you look legit. If you have a big pool of beta users, maybe testflight is a better investment. The bigger question here is maybe 'what's your launch marketing budget and how are you planning to split it'?
Dario Raijman
@abewinter Thanks for your answer! My budget is pretty slim for marketing, It is more a tool then a large scale product..
Kanan Tandi
Probably 2 weeks.
Sebastian Potcher
As soon as you know how to write your value proposition
Tarek Dajani
I would say around 4 weeks. I do have a page, but not a coming soon page, just a page that simply explains what I am trying to build and subscription email.
Paul Woodthorpe
Depends. If you want to collect leads then a launch page is good for capturing emails. If you do not require emails then I see no point in having a landing page. Either wait until you are ready to launch and then market it, or just put the product up for pre-order. A coming soon page doesn't really give me much excitement and is forgotten about 3 seconds after you leave the page. I would only end up going back if I saw marketing for it again.
Dario Raijman
@exopaul Thanks for your answer. I'm looking to collect leads in order to slowly give them access once we are ready..since I would like to kinda test first reaction before opening it up to everyone...does that make sense? thanks!
Dan Gusz
If you are trying to capture email addresses on your site for a waiting list, honestly the earlier the better. You can then slowly get folks to sign up for the wait list and it is already there for you.