Which tagline do you like the most?

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Hey guys, im building a platform to help offline businesses automate and streamline their operations. Our first feature is a to-do list which allows the employee (cashier, retail assistant, server) and business owner (cafe owner etc) to communicate remotely via the function. Feature: Owner can create tasks to be done (clean table, pack storeroom) Employee clicks done when task is done, able to attach a photo or video Owner can accept/reject task Owner can add a $ incentive to hard tasks ($3 to whoever washes the dishes) Able to prioritize certain tasks Analytics to see who did what We're building a ton of other stuff into the product, but you get the gist!


Gilad Uziely
I can tell you which one I don't like... The 3rd one is based on the assumption that people with physical stores/businesses believe that online businesses are easier to run. I don't believe that and I'll be surprised if other people think that. If you really like that direction - run a survey and see if you can validate that assumption. Having said all that - the best way to test this is by running an A/B/C test on FB. Everything else is basically useless (including my comment above 😂 ) Good luck!
Stefan Manku
From what you're saying, it sounds like your target market aren't familiar with the online tools, so I wonder if they'll understand your Trello and Asana analogies?
Ankit Chhabra
Whenever we are defining the tagline, ensure that the words in it are familiar enough for a layman to comprehend easily. Trello & Asana sound cool for sure but do not resonate with the target audience since most of them to be tech-savvy. I have worked with so many MSME clients and they haven't heard about Trello or Asana before. So the third option is the best as it clearly describes what service you provide. And here's something we did especially on digitalizing the offline businesses and I believe some of the content would be useful to you as well if not all. https://yatilabs.com/blog/brick-...
Hugo P.
Totally agree with the other comments, Asana & Trello may not be known by your persona, either a comparison with something more casual and concrete like post-its or no comparison at all might be a better bet ! The idea is awesome btw ;)
Dragos Bulugean
I don't think you should use references to existing tools since the tool that you're building seems designed for people that haven't used anything else before. Maybe think a bit outside the box. Good luck!
Javier Garcia
I like the second one most, but careful, you typed wrong "mortar" (just in case you copypaste that text later!)
Antonija Bilić Arar
Voted for the third one. The first two not only assume your audience is familiar with the tools but fall in the trap of defining your product by anchoring it with some other product which I find is a thing of past and not cool at all anymore (the 'uber for...' cliche)
Mark Sernoskie
I don't agree with using a competitor's name to describe your product, it often comes off bad and can hurt your product. The third line can work, I think it just needs to be re-worded a bit.
Laura Nagyová
Trello for Brick and mortar shops. I don't think that asana is well knowed outside of IT world.