Which of this stands out the most to you?

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Hey guys, i'm trying out different taglines for my product and was wondering which one of these would work best. Our product, DayOne, is a platform to allow business owners of brick and motar businesses to manage their offline operations remotely. Some of our features now: - To-do list feature for retail/f&b employees - Ability to embed photos and videos into to-do list items (e.g. pack up our warehouse and send a photo) - Real time notification whenever a new task is added for employees - Real time notification whenever a task is done for employer - Ability to reject a task and ask for redo - FAQ by employees and customer to handle questions on the go (e.g. which payment methods do you accept? whats your return policy?) - Employees can ask a question if they encounter new difficulties on the job Some (of the many) stuff we're building in: - Annotation of photos,videos - Transcribe voice messages (business owner sends a voice msg instruction, gets transcribe since staff cannot listen to voice msg in front of customers) - Analytics - Reward for doing hard tasks (e.g. $3 bonus for whoever washes the dishes/toilet)
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