Who's working on browser extensions, especially when they pertain to email

Jane Sorensen
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I find I often get ideas about powering up browsers to deal with The Tabs and The Email an awful lot, because these two things proliferate and hijack one's time unless one is ruthless about closing and deleting them. I've put several extensions ideas out into the 'verse here (even submitted one of them to Boomerang as a service they could naturally provide in their browser-based Gmail extension) and I have yet another: I would like to have a Reading Calendar extension that can scan my Inboxes and produce a schedule/predictive calendar for which days and around what time I can expect my newsletters, so I can anticipate its reading time (given I know that some are "read this now in entirety" and some are "I'm likely to read three links out of this, but that requires 90 minutes.") I am not much of a coder but I am a power-user (done several of my own websites and learned all I needed for code and commands and tools as I went along) this seems to be an area I gravitate to as a time-management and problem-solving area that helps many people. For example, The OneTab extension was a revolution for me, I love my Momentum dashboard, and Pocket and a few bookmark utilities (Sort Bookmarks, Bookmark Checker) have been helpful at reducing clutter and finding meaning in the deluge of reading/keeping useful information. I am looking to learn and collaborate, or I'm looking for a company that does these things that needs design researchers/implementers like me on a project.
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