Creating a portfolio, and how to add/showcase a project in it.

Jane Sorensen
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Hi Makers, I'm aware I should create a portfolio for a job hunt and I'm presently cleaning up and archiving (and soon redesigning) my website. I've removed several of my blog posts both from my site's blog and from Medium. My wish is to really pare it back and have an attractive, minimalist site, without defunct projects on it. How would I put those projects into a portfolio that a prospective employer would respect within the 2 minutes or so that they'd peruse it?


David McGraw
IMO I would embrace defunct projects, but just don't highlight them as heavily. They contribute to your journey! I would suggest bringing your favorite projects in focus on a landing page. Keep everything very easy to scan since people are not going to have a lot of time to read in-depth details at this point. Once I see a project that interests me, I want to click into it to see more about it. Take me on a journey into your thinking, the process, the tools that you used, and anything that contributes to what made you excited about the project. I want to get a sense of you as a creator, a colleague, and a fellow human. That should make for a good start. I hope it helps! You're welcome to find and DM me over on Twitter with your portfolio if you'd like direct feedback. Best wishes to your effort.