Best websites for virtual event marketing please?

Maya Ben Zid
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I'm going to host a briefing session for my virtual space and I want to share the event with a lot of people :)


Fabian Maume
Well you can create a linkedin event and invite your connexion using Phantombuster Meetup can be interesting if your event is about tech. Eventbrite is also nice.
Maya Ben Zid
@fabian_maume I'm not really active on Linkedin, but I already shared it on Eventbrite and followed all the tips for my event page to be seen by a maximum number of people but still 0 participants :')
Alisha Dean
i have two websites where you can post your events for free, 1. 2. 3. eventbright is another good website for event submission.
Maya Ben Zid
@law_assignments Thank you so much! I tried, but I'll make sure to post it on eventzilla ^^hopefully it works well :D
Julie Rose
HubSpot Blog has compiled a list of the 11 best virtual event platforms to host your next event. The post includes examples from companies such as Hopin, BigMarker, and vFairs. People Managing People has published an article on the 10 best virtual event platforms for digital engagement in 2023. The article includes platforms such as Goldcast, Airmeet, and Hubilo. Social Tables has published an article on how to market virtual events. The article provides 12 top strategies for promoting your virtual event, including using Facebook Events, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.