Weekly backstage of a product team #1

Johan Cutych
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We just recorded the first episode of a "Weekly backstage of a Product team" and I'm really liking the outcome. We want to share behind-the-scenes of a young international product team responsible for projects like Welder, Sponseasy, and many others... 😎 Each week we will talk about the most exciting things we've been working on and experience. 😑 To make it more spicy - we will also share the most frustrating and challenging things. Maybe even some personal stuff, who knows? In this one we shared: - What it's like to work on a landing page that should hold all the assets we produce - An interesting tip for cold mailing - What to do when you're stuck and can't reach your creative flow - Or the difference between working on a contract over a project you're truly passionate about Check out the full episode here - https://youtu.be/L_FGo7NrzLo


Paul Nica
Congrats on the episode :)