What is your favorite text and data analysis and analytics tools?

Christine P.
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I'm looking for low- or no-code solution. Something similar to this eDiscovery tool called Relativity. The idea is to use it to conceptually analyze conversations to gain insight for product improvements. It would be great if there was a way to load fields also since the data we have has lots of helpful metadata. And to load JSON easily. So far I need to test MonkeyLearn + Tableau and Orange Mining but I'd love to test other tools as well so recommendations are appreciated :)


Alejandro Cantarero
I'm a big fan of Google Data Studio mostly because it is free. It's not nearly as powerful as Tableau or other BI tools, but that's offset that it's available for anyone with a Google account (personal or business). For more powerful, interactive visuals for data analysis, Observable has some amazing stuff. https://observablehq.com/ This one does require some coding, but they have so many example projects, you can usually find something close to start from and then just modify it. For example, here are all the examples on their site for text analysis (tag NLP) https://observablehq.com/search?...
Christine P.
@alejandro_cantarero1 thanks Alejandro! I'll check out observablehq as Google Data Studio doesn't seem to have text analysis
Karl Singleton
Shifting to Amplitude from Google Analytics can be beneficial for more granular product analytics and user behavior insights. Evaluate your specific needs and goals to ensure they align with Amplitude's features and pricing.
Callum Jones
Hey! Our Product IVP.ai is specifically designed to be super easy to use for data analysis. No-code required and really user friendly. We haven't launched on here yet but i'd love for you to give it a try and lend us your thoughts :) https://ivp.ai/