Do you use any tools for Google Calendar analysis?

Christine P.
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For example, I'd like to get an overview of how many meetings I have per week and/or per month so I could figure out how much my time is going towards meetings. I'd love to learn if anyone has found a tool to analyze this data.


Tomas Zeman
I use , they are in beta now, you can give it a try.
Joshua Snyder
I have been building TimeNavi for analysing your Google Calendar data. You can install it at We've tried to make it as simple and functional as possible and it works alongside your Google Calendar, so you don't have to switch between apps to use it :) UPDATE: @_christine We recently released an update to tackle the problem of people spending too much time on meetings. TimeNavi will track how much time you spend on meetings with the click of a button, and you can use the free version to do it. I hope it helps you in your work 🙏
Manan Bhatia
@joshsny Tried using time navi but found it to be super irritating. First it "forces" the user to narrow down on specific words or colors, which defeats the whole purpose when one simply wants to the overall analytics. Secondly, even after inputing the words the stats don't work (shows 0 always) and select by color just never works.
Joshua Snyder
@manan14 Really sorry to hear that you tried it out and we're irritated by it. This is exactly the kind of feedback we need to build a better product, hugely appreciate people like you taking the time to leave feedback for us. Here's some thoughts. TimeNavi definitely shouldn't show you zeros, being an analytics tool we work hard to make sure everything you see is accurate. If you're happy to jump on a call I'll figure out what went wrong and get it set up for you to track your time. Secondly with the narrowing down to a specific word or color, TimeNavi doesn't aim to provide "general analytics". This is something a lot of tools do, but from the experience of our users the most meaningful impact is found when you intentionally decide to track a part of your life/work, and monitor it over time to improve. We think your time analytics should change your behaviour for the better, which is why we encourage people to keep their time tracking simple and focused on a few areas of their life they want to improve. As I said, send me a message and I'm happy to jump on a call and improve your experience of TimeNavi! You can message me at :)
Shawn Murphy
Have you found anything better than these? Timenavi doesn't have a functional free option, only a demo, and the others listed aren't operational. Any insight you may have on this would be greatly appreciated!