How do you make a survey more interactive?

Aleyna Çatak
5 replies
I'm currently working on a user research project, and I try to find ways to make my survey more interactive. I created a number of interactive simulations on Adobe XD to integrate them into the survey, but I still need to hear other suggestions of yours.


Anxo Armada
Have you tried @typeform or their new, I don't know if you can add heavy interactive simulations, but they are the kings of forms!
Dwayne Charrington
Try adding a progress bar or completion time tab to show how much time it will take for the respondents to answer the survey. You can display it as a Nudge instead of a pop-up. I think @qualaroo does that. Add an option for respondents to capture and add screen recording or screenshot. It can help to visualize the reported bug or issue. Qualtrics is the tool that supports it. If you are using SMS as a medium, you can create conversational surveys that send only one question at a time. Though very common, question routing is another way to make surveys more relevant. You can visit AskNicely to see it in action. Hope this helps.
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